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According to the application needs of different industries, the company jointly advises users: From product selection to special products Development and trial production, provide various product standards, raw materials, inspection and test methods, standards and technical consultation according to user requirements;  Provide sample manufacturing, non-standard product customization; provide company qualifications and credit certificates.

On sale  ;

    according to the needs of users' orders, the company guarantees quality and delivery time :  Adopt advanced computer-aided design to carry out sophisticated blank production, meticulous process processing and superb final testing; during the product delivery period, users can go to the factory to sample blanks, work-in-process and product testing and re-inspection at any time ; According to user requirements to make product appearance painting and supply packaging form, etc.
After-sale service 

    Provide daily maintenance and maintenance of slip rings and training services for common troubleshooting ;Provide long-distance or on-site slip ring re-inspection, installation and use of technical guidance; users' quality complaints, after telephone technical support, if there is further need, professional after-sales service personnel will arrive at the scene in time for service; for users' technical quality consultation, Reply within 24 hours; provide various forms of after-sales service for users free of charge during the warranty period.