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Zhejiang Hoda Electric Co.,Ltd.(Former name: Wenzhou Moda Electric Co., Ltd.) is a domestically-leading high-tech company with many years of experience in the research, development, production and sales of the industrial conducting slip rings. The company which covers an area of 3000 m2 owns nearly a hundred employees including a R&D team made up of several senior engineers who have been worked in the transnational manufacturers and renowned research institutes. They are dedicating themselves to developing and producing all types of conducting slip rings in order to provide the industrial control areas with highly reliable components which help optimize the systematic design and promote the systematic performance.

Hoda has become the long-term designated qualified supplier for numerous manufacturers, military units, research institutes as well as colleges in China by providing its products and technical services. It provides products to not only the high-end, but also the midrange and low end enterprises with its complete product lines.

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slip ring for pivot
> slip ring for pivot

It is the accessory used in the water-saving irrigation. Our products are sold in the European countries and the US. The products range from the slip ring for pivot, cardan joints, jackets, aluminum bench holdfast, rubber rings, pagoda-type boxes and controllers.

liquid slip ring
> liquid slip ring

It is an integrated slip ring of the electric slip ring, gas slip ring and liquid slip ring and can be applied to the mechanical devices which requires multi-functional rotations.

Centre collector ring
> Centre collector ring

It is a large-size rotating device with the current equal or higher than 3000A. The flange mounting is often adopted; the though hole is an alternative.

Through Bore Slip Rings
> Through Bore Slip Rings

Precious metal contact, applicable to the low current (communication signal, dozens of amperes, scores of amperes or higher); the axel mounting is adopted. The size of the through bore is according to your requirement.

capsule slip ring
> capsule slip ring

Contact made of precious metal. Gold-gold contact; small in volume with flanged mounting; It performs superior in the stability of the communication signal, which makes it a good alternative for the low-current devices.

Mercury slip ring
> Mercury slip ring

Mercury which is regarded as the conductor with the best conductivity is characterized by superior and stable conductivity and small volume. It can allow the large current to go through but it cannot be applied under the high temperature. In the current market, most of the products are imported or the agents of products made in Taiwan. And our company boasts to be one of the few manufacturers owing its own brand of the mercury slip ring and therefore enjoys a high reputation among the customers and has its fixed customer groups.

assemby slip ring
> assemby slip ring

Most of the contacts are electric brushes. It is suitable for any current and any rotate speed. The moulds are required; split type installation; it is economical and practical.

Wind Turbine Slip Rings
> Wind Turbine Slip Rings

It is applied in the devices of the Wind Turbine Slip Rings. We provide the universal type or alternatives according to the requirements.

Pan  Slip Rings
> Pan Slip Rings

The Pan Slip Rings is mainly applied in the space with limited installation space, particularly height. It is characterized by its thinness.

Brush holder of the generator
> Brush holder of the generator

The porudct is widely applied in the generators. There are several alternatives in terms of the material such as copper, iron and aluminum with all models and types for the customers to choose.