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"Hard core" common sense about conductive rings

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-01-10 09:18

What is a conductive ring?

The conductive ring is an industrial mechanical part. As a solution to the 360-degree rotation scheme, the basic principle is to use the sliding or rolling of the conductive mechanical parts to transfer electromagnetic energy between the touching rotating parts and the stationary parts. An industrial component for electrical signals. In many industrial equipment, especially in automation technology industrial equipment, it is often used. If there is a 360-degree random rotation or continuous rotation between two mechanical parts, you still need to transmit current, signals, etc. between the two mechanical parts, you must use a conductive ring, In some special fields, such as controlling signal sources, transmitting power sources, micro-electrical signals, optical signals and other different transmission media, they can also be used as channels to transmit such signals without any influence while rotating. This situation is used in many fields of industrial equipment.


The principle of conductive ring

What is the basic structural principle of the conductive ring? After the development trend of the past two years, the technicality of the conductive ring has long been very mature. From the previous simple imitation of foreign high-quality conductive rings to the current technological innovation design scheme of special non-standard conductive rings, it already has a quality conductive ring. Flying over, I have already climbed a very high staircase. The main structure of the conductive ring has also undergone a considerable transformation, but its basic structure is relatively stable and has not undergone very major changes. The conductive ring is composed of a conductive ring, a brush, a combined support frame, a precision bearing, a dust cover and other auxiliary parts. The conductive ring is also called a rotating electrical equipment socket and is not a rotating joint of an electrical equipment. It is mainly used for industrial spare parts that transmit current and signals from a fixed structure to a rotating structure during unlimited continuous rotation. Its basic structure is mainly composed of sliding contact surface material support frame, insulating material bonding material precision bearing. Ductile materials such as brushes, and other various components are constructed. The key technology of the conductive ring is the mutual cooperation and process of the contact combination support frame and its insulating materials. The larger the number of rings and channels, the higher the requirements for the process. Sometimes, it can be called the instrumentation industry parts. A slight difference will cause the entire spare parts to fail to operate, and sometimes, there will be hidden safety hazards, which may cause greater damage to customers in the future.

Basic parameters of conductive ring

As a kind of instrumentation spare parts, the parameters of the conductive ring are very important to the characteristics of the whole equipment, so knowing the basic overview of the parameters of the conductive ring has great practical significance for the selection of the motor of the equipment. Before you place the order information, according to the characteristics of your product, this mechanical parameter must be presented, such as the number of channels, contact material, wire length, housing material, working revolutions, working temperature, working humidity, torque and protection level Wait, especially in terms of the number of channels, it's almost not good. Many customers are not easy to actively show at the beginning, only when they ask them, will they think of doing this kind of determination, so it is said that the purchase of conductive rings is a big question here, and conductive rings are not like other parts. , There are several industry standards, national standards. Conductive rings are more like customized parts, there are many specifications, models, standards, and sizes. Only by knowing this parameter clearly, can you customize the conductive ring suitable for your own equipment and with low cost.


Conductive ring maintenance method

 The conductive ring will be damaged and misconnected in normal use, which is very easy to cause damage. People need to maintain the slip ring during use to make the slip ring last longer. Let me share with you the conductive ring. proper maintenance.

There are often many problems in the conductive ring and brush part of the generator set. The brush holder of the conductive ring generally needs to be tested for defects in insulation performance. If the grounding resistance and the impact resistance of communication and communication can be reduced, it indicates that the insulation performance is already at risk.

The main reason is that the insulation performance of the conductive ring is reduced due to the contamination of the surface of the insulating material by the smoke and dust caused by the oil seepage of the oiler and the friction of the electric brush in the long-term operation, which is very destructive and difficult to the conductive ring. remove. For the maintenance of the conductive ring brush frame components, the motor carbon brushes used by power companies usually use excellent tracking constant pressure brush holders, which can avoid the stage of adjusting the working pressure during maintenance. However, special attention should be paid to the abnormal situation of fatigue due to loss of elasticity. If this behavior occurs, it will cause looseness caused by insufficient working pressure, which may lead to ignition problems and damage to the surface of the slip ring. Therefore, the fatigue problem of spring yellow needs to be paid close attention during the maintenance process. The temperature of the conductive ring in the working state is usually around 50°. If the temperature is abnormal, it may be caused by the internal components. It requires the staff to pay special attention at ordinary times to facilitate immediate and multi-faceted solutions. It is also necessary to maintain the internal parts of the conductive ring. When rotating, there is wood jamming, and the insulating layer components are wood and contaminated. Only by focusing on the key points and removing all the shortcomings during maintenance can the long-term stable operation of the generator set be achieved. Slip ring application companies should also regularly inspect the company's internal industrial equipment including conductive ring products, and if any problems are found, they should be solved immediately.

Common faults of conductive ring and troubleshooting methods

The service life of the entire structural system of the conductive ring is 5-20 years (depending on the material and manufacturing process of the brush slip ring), which is a complex and precise electromechanical system, which requires 360 ° Or diversify the movement, the energy that transmits various signals. Therefore, there will be problems such as abnormality or signal loss in the process of use. There are many reasons for the common failure of the conductive ring. There are mainly three levels:

1. The structure is damaged. Among the brush slip ring components, the comparison position is the rolling bearing in the transmission device. During the operation of the equipment, the rolling bearing is very prone to aging and misalignment, which in turn causes the common failure of the slip ring. Different rolling bearings have an unnecessary service life. Good rolling bearings are more precise and have a long service life, most of which can exceed 20-40 years. This has a lot to do with the price of rolling bearings. Therefore, when purchasing rolling bearings, it cannot only be considered from reducing costs.

2. The solder joints are aging. From the internal design drawing, each three-way of the conductive ring is a separate precious metal brush wire, and the lead wire of the brush slip ring is connected to the slip ring according to the method of solder joint connection. The slip ring is affected by extreme environments in the long run. If things go on like this, the solder joints will loosen, causing the slip ring

3) The contact resistance is expanded. It is stipulated that the lower the contact resistance is during the rotation of the brush slip ring, the better. When the contact resistance is relatively large, the current flow will be greatly increased according to the smoothness of the slip ring. Lift, and its brush wire and slip ring have problems with fusion welding. The key reason for the excessive contact resistance is that the working pressure of the brush wire on the slip ring is too large, the looseness of the brush wire and the ring groove and the rough surface of the ring groove. Therefore, in the process of slip ring design, the interior designer must calculate the effective working pressure of the brush wire, and finely and accurately modulate the brush wire in the process of adjusting the brush wire, so that the maximum limit exceeds the ideal brush wire. Wire working pressure regulations.


  There are many reasons for the failure of the conductive ring, and the performance, reliability, and service life of its application are related to many factors. And it is located in the center of the equipment, which is very inconvenient to repair and maintain. If there are any problems with the slip ring, it will greatly waste disassembly and time costs. Therefore, when we develop conductive slip rings, we must not only strictly control the key points such as raw materials, processing technology, and manufacturing stages, but also do a good job in each step of inspection and testing, and simulate electrical conductivity during the test. The working environment of the slip ring, comprehensively control and avoid the problems and faults that are expected to occur in the application.

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