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Common sense of conductive ring

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Fundamentals of Conductive Rings

What is the basic principle of the basic structure of the conductive slip ring? A: After two years of development, the technology of conductive "slip ring" has already matured. From the simple simulation of foreign high-quality "slip rings" in the past to the unique non-standard "slip rings" of the current technological innovation design scheme, it has already achieved a qualitative leap and exceeded a high level. The actual structure of the conductive ring has also undergone a considerable change, but its basic structure is relatively stable and the change is not large. The conductive ring is composed of conductive rings, carbon brushes, supporting frames, precision bearings, dust sleeves and other auxiliary prefabricated components. According to them, it is a high-precision power engineering transmission equipment that transmits data signals and currents of two relative rotating organizations. Conductive rings, also known as rotating electrical sockets. People can express that the electrical compensator can be used for industrial production components during continuous rotation from a fixed structure to a rotating structure, such as transmission from a fixed structure to a rotating structure. Current flow and data signals, etc. The key to its basic structure is to drag the surface raw material to form a fixed bracket, and the thermally conductive material to bond the raw material precision bearing. Malleable materials, such as soft brushes, vary in position. The core technology of the conductive ring consists of the mutual cooperation and production and processing of the fixed bracket and the heat-conducting material. The larger the number of safety channels, the higher the specification and model of the processing process. Sometimes it can be called the production component of the instrument industry. To make matters worse, it can make all parts inoperable, and the custom-made non-standard conductive slip ring sometimes leaves a safety risk, which will cause more damage to the customer.


The main parameters of the conductive ring

As such a high-precision instrument part, the main parameters of the conductive ring are very critical to the characteristics of all machinery and equipment. Therefore, mastering the basic conditions of the main parameters of the conductive ring is of key practical significance for people's machine equipment motor selection. Before submitting an order, a unique profiling is carried out. Before submitting an order, according to the characteristics of your product, be sure to show the main parameters of this machine, such as relative path number, contact point material, length of transmission line, casing material, working speed, operating temperature. The ambient humidity, torque and waterproof level during work are very much the total number of relative paths, basically none. Many customers don't volunteer at first, and only when they're asked about it do they think about making such big, fixed numbers. Therefore, it is very difficult to choose a conductive ring. Unlike other components, the conductive ring has several national standards and national industry standards. Conductive rings are more like customized parts, there are many specifications, model specifications and specifications, specifications. As a result, customers are required to inquire about Carrefour's general FAQ, service support and traditional trades before placing an order. Only by clearly grasping this main parameter can people customize the conductive ring suitable for their own machinery and equipment and low cost.


 The main purpose of the conductive ring

 Conductive rings have industrial equipment and automated machinery, and are widely used in countries around the world. Conductive rings have been used in dairy product production line equipment, surgical lamp drilling machinery and equipment, rotating nickel-plating/silver-plating production lines, helicopters, rotating monitoring cameras, rotating disk data signals and current flow mixing, intelligent robot high-precision dynamic inspection instruments, Resistor metal laser cutting machine, intelligent dynamic small toys, level barrel plating production line, intelligent electrical products polysilicon furnace cable drum, production line, wind turbines, road and highway bridge machinery, out-of-pipe surveillance cameras, shield machine Full drilling, lifting equipment, high-speed ball stacking, stacking machine, circular knitting machine fructose packaging, liquid packaging, robotic arms, beer production equipment, rotating advertising light boxes, radar detection and communication equipment, airline machinery and equipment, etc. Hot rollers, fuel tanks, molding machines, revolving doors, windings, amusement facilities, LED advertising lights, etc., all use conductive rings. It can be seen from the above that basic electronic components such as conductive rings are often used in traditional and prosperous industrial production, hardware accessories and food industries. In the future, 90% of the wind power industry will use conductive rings. As such a high-precision part, the effect of the conductive ring cannot be ignored. This is an essential component of the industrial control and machinery and equipment manufacturing industries.

 The production process of the conductive ring

 The production, processing and production of conductive rings must rely on the attitude of excellence to produce high-quality conductive rings. Continuous improvement and continuous innovation The motto of many companies is the slogan that many companies remind themselves from beginning to end. To a certain extent, customers will only need IP quality conductive rings, and people's products will exceed IP quality levels. An indispensable key element of continuous innovation, the management method of the whole process of independent innovation is the key way to ensure quality. The slip ring technical engineer told him that there are many stages of slip ring production, and each stage often has its own quality regulations and product quality standards. Take the copper ring as an example, its thickness, specifications and specifications should not be slightly different from the national standard wire. The flatness requirements are very high. If there are burrs or holes, it is a substandard product. The strict regulations will be returned, and the supplier will deliver again. Even if the delivery time arrives immediately, it is so kind, and it is better to miss the delivery. Time, it is not easy to deliver substandard products to customers for use. Quality inspections are integral to each stage. From the beginning of each spare parts supplier to the process flow of the respective production line, there are often full-time personnel to undertake. Suppliers, in particular, suffer from external and uncontrollable hazards, so the inspection is very strict. It is Jiachi's personal experience in the quality management system. The slip ring technical engineer said: "The production of high-quality conductive "slip ring" staff is a very critical element of employee skill training and education. The term literacy is deeply regarded as the basic element of the company's development in the psychological state of employees. And the basic of the company's profitability. This means that Jiachi Motor always pays attention to high-quality conductive rings, which is the basic commodity that people are realistic and innovative, and the manufacturer of high-quality conductive rings. When is the final product quality? It is a handicraft! The supervision and execution of the whole process and the whole process are particularly important, it is the guarantee of the implementation of the system software in the whole process. The production process of the conductive ring is the key element to ensure the company's development and sustainable development concept.

The working principle of the conductive slip ring in the paper machine. The key of the paper machine is to be arranged from the headbox after being discharged from the headbox, and the honeycomb is made of the breast roll and the through holes of the conductive slip ring. Where applicable, there are two approaches to the system and guidelines. Chiang is a suitable pulp for the paper industry. After the pulp tap water is diluted to the necessary concentration value, it is basically dehydrated during the teaching of the paper machine, resulting in wet paper strips. Then it is dehydrated with a box filter press and dried into paper. Below the mesh is the wiper (before the waterline) and the vacuum pump moisture-absorbing box (after the waterline), commonly known as the website; followed by the pressing part, including several pairs of pressing rollers to extrude and dewater; polyester mesh or copper mesh frame , copy the chemical fiber floating in the water to the wet test book page, squeeze out the dehydration, and then dry or dry it into paper.


 The big difference between these two kinds of paper is that the chemical fibers in the pulp are stored very well because of manual service beating; dozens of air dryers and guide wheels can adjust the wrapping angle of the pile felt to adjust the air dryer and wet paper strips The total contact area in the middle; then, the glue stick is generally two rollers, and several pairs of air dryers are generally installed behind the rollers. Drying and dehydration; pressing roller, the final process, after the injection of the upper and lower layers, the paper can be rolled up and rolled into the required finished paper, machine-made paper, pulp chemical fiber rupture. Manual support is significantly better than mechanical paper in terms of ductility and compressive strength. It is also softer than knitted fabrics, especially on calligraphy paper. In order to reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, and increase output rate, contemporary papermaking equipment uses multi-electric conductor slip ring motors for segmented transmission systems, and introduces drag rate control systems into the air compressor industry. In recent years, air compressor manufacturers. 1 key topic discussion. All major technical professional air compressor suppliers have released their own conductive slip ring air compressor products, and have quickly acquired excellent characteristics in their high-end sales market.

 But at present, a large number of industrial production frequency conversion air compressors have been widely used, so the air compressor renovation and sales market is very huge. In other words, AC motors are installed in each drive train section and the opposing rail slides are prepared in advance, and each branch must be kept in synchronous control and the speed can be adjusted within the necessary range. With the rapid development of machinery and equipment in my country's paper industry, many Chinese paper industry companies are more and more eager to develop technical scientific research and application programs in this industry.

Using this technology to track the dynamic characteristics of machinery and equipment during processing is beneficial to improve the operational reliability and productivity of machinery and equipment, and continuously improve the production level of paper machine slip rings and design solutions.