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Common sense of slip ring

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-01-10 09:19

First of all, why choose a slip ring?

In the whole process of electrical design, when a part of mechanical equipment continuously rotates infinitely at 360 degrees, cables must be connected to the rotating parts. Electrical engineers will run into wiring problems. At this time, he must have an electrical rotary connector, also known as a slip ring, to maintain a rotary connection that transmits output power and signals.

What is the type of slip ring structure?

The slip ring structure is divided into cylindrical and disc type. Cylindrical slip ring" rings are ordered along the centerline of the cylinder, like external threads on anchor bolts, as in our SRC, SRH, and SRT product lines; the rings of the slip ring disc are concentric circles, as in our SRP product line of gaming equipment The slots on the records of the playback software are the same. At this stage, most customers use cylindrical "slip rings", otherwise the height is limited, or only the disc type slip rings are selected.

Which part of the slip ring is the rotor? What part is the motor stator?

Generally speaking, part of the inner ring of the slip ring is the rotor, part of the outer ring is the stator of the motor, the slip ring is double rotation, there is no difference between the rotation of the outer ring and the rotation of the inner ring, whether the outer ring is the rotor or the inner ring is the rotor, it is up to you The slip ring is installed in a simple way.


What key performance parameters must be presented when selecting slip rings? 

1. Rotation speed (Rpm)

2. The total number of channels, also known as the total number of loops, is the total number of single wires (without cables) that you must apply

3. The rated voltage and current of the power circuit and signal power circuit.

4. Type of signal and main parameters (such as analog signal, analog signal and signal frequency, transmission speed, etc.)

5. Installation specifications, office environment reliability, anti-interference countermeasures, etc.

6. Waterproof grade (i.e. sealing requirements)

The above briefly introduces in detail what a slip ring is and what other advantages it has relative to imported slip rings!

A portion of the slip ring filament is thick and thick, increasing application time!


 How slip rings work

 Slip rings work on the principle of electronic components that connect unique mechanical equipment to a rotating workpiece to transmit kinetic energy and signals, consisting of rotating and static parts. The rotating structure that rotates a part of the application equipment and operates together between the two is called the rotor, and the stationary part that connects the equipment is called the motor stator.

 The design concept of the stator and rotor is the precise accumulation of multiple channels. The total number of accumulation rings is arranged according to the application specification. When assembled, the motor stator channels are matched to the rotor channels to create channels between the rotor and the motor stator. The electrical equipment characteristics of each channel are independent of each other without interference.

 Because a channel is created between the stator and the rotor, they must be in contact. Their contact is part of the function of the overall conductive ring, the carrier of various properties. Therefore, a stable and reliable rotary connection system software (material selection, effective design concept, high-precision manufacturing parts) has already been produced, and the required signal can be transmitted according to the rotation of the slip rings on both sides.

The working principle of a slip ring is to maintain electrical contact between two power circuits with relative velocities, and a certain type of sliding contact can be used to connect the power circuits.

Sliding the "ring" means that the relative speed is a rotational fitness movement, so the very simple way of conducting the ring is the ring contact on the arc, and sliding in it means that the rolling bearings on both sides of the rolling bearing in the motor stator and the ring rotor are in their respective Two different power circuits on the rotating part and the fixed part.

In simple terms, the wires on both sides of the device generate a detailed power circuit based on the motor stator wires of the conductive ring and the copper ring of the motor rotor!