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The principle of the 4-point rotary joint and what it needs

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-01-10 09:24

Rotary joints are available in various specifications and are suitable for various specifications of pipe fittings. Do you know the principle of the 4-point rotary joint? What should I pay attention to before installing the rotary joint?

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Four-point rotary joint principle

Working speed: 3000rpm, working temperature: 343, 25MPa working pressure The rotary joint supports 1 channel to 42 channels to transport gas, liquid, oil and other media at the same time. The design is compact, flanged, and the most advanced surface treatment technology in the United States is integrated into the equipment for effective customer use.

Precautions before installing the rotary joint

1. Make sure that the position of the pipeline through which the fluid flows is matched with the corresponding orifice of the rotary joint and meets the design requirements.

2. When assembling the rotary joint, lift or wrap the shackle with a rope. The trunnion is concentric with the hollow shaft, preventing the rotation of the swivel joint from being shaken or rotated by the housing.

3. The hollow shaft is installed, and the outer tube of the rotary joint is connected with the equipment trunnion. When connecting, the hollow shaft and the trunnion should be concentric as much as possible, and evenly spaced along the circumference of the hollow shaft tube. The rotary joint drives the connector shell to rotate to ensure flexible rotation. Otherwise, the cause must be found and corrected.


Rotary joint installation method

There are also two ways to connect the rotary joint to the machine. One is threaded connection. This type of connection is mainly used for smaller swivel joints. Easy to install without worrying about concentricity etc. Can be screwed directly. Another connection method is flange connection.

How to Properly Replace a Swivel

Before replacing the rotary joint, it is necessary to clean up whether there is any debris inside or outside the pipeline, otherwise the debris will shorten the service life or cause leakage, causing certain risks. When dismantling the pipeline, make sure that the pressure inside the pipeline is normal. Set to zero, then loosen the snap ring. The tool pulls the trachea and holds the end of the tube at a right angle to prevent scratching around the trachea. Make sure the pipe segment of the swivel is vertical. If the pipe inlet is scratched, damaged or deformed, please replace it in time. Insert the trachea into the swivel and push it in so as not to leave a gap at the end. This effectively prevents leakage. After inserting the tube, make sure to pull it out with a gentle pull, and the sealing face of the swivel must be well protected after installation, as pulling too much will adversely affect the joint. If it is skewed, it should be re-installed in time to avoid overloading the rotary joint after prolonged use.

When using a swivel, take care that the seal is free of debris. Otherwise, the wear of the seals may be increased. The outlet of the connector with the inspection hole must face down. If there is intermediate leakage in the inspection hole, it should be replaced in time. The screw rotary joint first finds the direction of rotation and then rotates to the left. Rotate to the right and apply slowly to avoid slipping with too much force. The connection between the swivel joint and the pipe must use a metal hose. The metal hose can compensate well when the joint and the pipe are not on the horizontal plane or when the transmission medium vibrates. It is strictly forbidden to install heavy objects in the rotary joint. Lubricate regularly. The inside of the seam must not exceed the maximum limit, when not in use for a long time, please remove, clean, wipe and manage the seam to prevent rust.