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What is the optical cable joint slip ring and its advantages

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2021-12-27 08:55

What is a fiber optic connector slip ring To understand fiber optic connector slip rings, you need to first understand what a fiber optic cable is. Optical cable is an optical cable installed in communication equipment. It is a cable core composed of a certain number of optical fibers, and has a structure composed of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores, a sheath and a protective layer. Therefore, optical fiber slip rings can also be called optical fiber slip rings or optical fiber rotary joints, but optical fiber slip rings cannot be called optical cable slip rings.

Optical fiber is like a thin plastic wire, which is a transmission tool. A thin optical fiber is wrapped in a plastic sleeve. The signal transmission inside the optical fiber generally adopts laser, which has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity and long length. long-distance transmission. The data transfer speed of optical fiber is several Gbps. The transmission speed of submarine optical fibers is astonishing, and it can transmit distances of tens of kilometers at a time without signal amplifiers.


What are the advantages of slip rings on fiber optic connectors?

Currently, in the telecommunications industry, slip connectors are most commonly used to transmit large-capacity, long-distance, 360-degree unrestricted rotation of signals. At the same time, it ensures that the high-speed and long-distance transmission signals are not distorted, and the large-capacity information transmission does not lose packets. The sliding of the optical fiber connector has the advantages of transmitting data confidentiality and canceling noise.

Using optical cables instead of ordinary signal cables in electronic systems can avoid the influence of external electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic pulses, and provide excellent electrical insulation and data transmission confidentiality. Compared to coaxial and twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables have very little loss, especially over long distances.