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Geographical distribution of domestic collector ring manufac

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-02-17 08:41

Both the tight conductive slip ring and the conductive ring may belong to the collector ring, and the collector ring is also a general term for the conductive torsion transmission components.

The regional distribution of domestic collector ring manufacturers is mainly in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Cangzhou and other places. Hangzhou and Wenzhou are mainly based on strict conductive slip rings. Cangzhou is mainly based on carbon brush conductive rings. Manufacturers in different regions have different areas of advantage. Which one is better to choose depends on the actual situation of use. For example, the hat-shaped collector ring in Hangzhou has obvious advantages, and the carbon brush collector ring in Cangzhou has a lower cost. Buyers may consult various manufacturers for a better experience. No business here. It is best to choose a manufacturer with a certain scale, so that there is a certain guarantee in terms of quality and after-sales.


Next, let's talk about the difference between precision collector rings and carbon brush collector rings. We found pictures of two products on the Internet for everyone's reference, and it is easy to find that the precision collector ring mechanism is compact and smaller, while the carbon brush type is larger. From the application scenario, we may also judge which form to choose.

Slip Ring In a nutshell, a wire is adjacent to a metal conductive ring that is adjacent to other sensors. When the metal ring rotates, through the mechanism of frictional contact, the wire does not rotate with the rotation of the conductive ring, thus solving the problem of a little entanglement during rotation. We know that some machines make use of twisted parts to greatly improve their work efficiency. Its twisted end cannot rely on wires. The device that solves this problem is called a slip ring.