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Through hole slip ring
Through hole slip ring
Hole slip ring is a general term for a series of conductive slip rings with holes in the center, which are mainly used to transmit precise signals, weak currents, large currents and high voltages.
Product introduction

      Through-hole slip ring is a general term for a series of conductive slip rings with holes in the center. It is mainly used to transmit precise flag lights, strong current, high current, and high voltage; it has low torque, low loss and no protection; low electrical noise, super long Through-hole slip ring is also called hollow shaft slip ring, and more relevant specifications of through-hole slip ring are welcome to inquire.

Scope of application

       Through-hole slip rings are mainly used where power or data needs to be transferred from a fixed position to a rotating position without restriction and continuous rotation. Its manufacturing principle is similar to other slip rings. It transmits data such as current and signal from a fixed position to a rotating position through brushes and contacts. The basic technical parameters of the through-hole slip ring mainly include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on.

Installation method

1) Through-hole slip ring rotor and stator are difficult to keep concentric during installation, so use 4 tightening screws to fix the slip ring on the rotating shaft, turn the conductive ring before tightening the screws,

2) Tighten the screw after the conductive ring automatically finds the center of the positive shaft

3) The anti-rotation rod can be inserted into the anti-rotation plate, so do not force the anti-rotation plate. Otherwise, it may be damaged or not reach the expected life.

Installation Precautions:

1) The sliding ring body should not be used for load bearing. Do not subject the ring conductors to external tension.

2) When installing the slip ring, be sure to protect the wire, so as not to damage the insulation layer of the wire and affect the quality of the product.

3) The slip ring is a precision electrical component, it should work in a dry and less dusty environment, and additional protective measures must be added when the environment is not good.

4) Confirm that the nut of the fixing part is not loose.

5) The stator wire is away from the rotating shaft and away from the fixed part to avoid damage to the wire during rotation.

Technical indicators

Rated voltage 380VAC can be installed with flange, rated current 5A/channel, 10A/channel, 15A/channel Wire outlet direction, length optional, insulation resistance 1000M@500 VDC for more channels: 1-126 channels, withstand voltage 600VDC @50HZ Higher speed: 1000 rpm, 2500 rpm, 5000 rpm, etc., 300 rpm, operating temperature -40~80, torque mechanical vibration mil-sid

Similar channel slip rings have high rotation accuracy, more stable performance and longer life. The contact material is treated with precious metal carbide plating, with small torque, stable operation, long life, small resistance fluctuation and small contact resistance, ensuring excellent transmission performance.

Application field

       The application fields of through-hole slip rings are very wide, mainly including medical rotary CNC worktables, CNC machining centers, wire reels, packaging machines, wind power generation equipment, etc., and many need to be transmitted in fixed and non-fixed structures. Signal components need to use through-hole slip rings. In the future, through-hole slip rings will be widely used in future new fields such as automatic configuration equipment display, automatic detection configuration equipment display, automatic robots, manipulators, etc. At present, the layout and technical parameters of through-hole slip rings are proposed. In order to meet higher requirements, slip ring manufacturers should invest in research and development funds to research new products and new structures while manufacturing existing products to meet the future demand for through-hole slip rings. Since the quantity of through-hole slip rings is not very large, many of them require custom processing and custom production, so the single price is relatively high, unlike cap-type slip rings, each type has certain standard parts, The unit price is relatively cheap.


    1. The current size is optional.

    2. The shell is made of aluminum alloy shell.

    3. Free choice of slip ring high sealing grade and high speed model.

    4. There are various electrical access schemes, which can provide different electrical access combinations.

    5. Strong environmental adaptability. In the environment of frequent vibration, the through-hole slip ring can also work variably, with good anti-seismic function, and can transmit a variety of communication operation signals at the same time without interference while transmitting large current. In addition, the through-hole slip ring has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

    6. Well-designed pneumatic In other words, we can hydraulically rotate the center hole of the shaft.

    7. Various sizes of through-hole diameters can be freely selected.

    8. Advanced multi-point contact technology ensures safe and reliable contact.

    Through-hole slip rings have been widely used in my country, mainly used in magnetic actuators, turntable test sensors, manufacturing and control equipment, medical equipment, manufacturing and control equipment and other applications.

Installation guide:

       Because it is difficult to ensure the alignment of the slip ring rotor and stator when assembling, it is recommended to use 4 set screws to fix the slip ring on the rotating shaft. Before tightening the screws, please roll the through hole slip ring to let the through hole slip ring automatically After finding the correct axis, lock the screw.

       It is enough to rotate the anti-rotation rod. Never force the anti-rotation plate to flow. Otherwise, the slip ring may be damaged. In other words, we may not reach the expected service life.


       1. The slip ring ring shall not be used as load bearing, and the ring conductor is not subject to external control.

       2. When installing the slip ring, the wire must be protected to avoid damage to the conductor insulation layer and affect the product quality;

       3. The slip ring is a tight electrical component. Wires should be protected to avoid damage to product quality due to damage to wire insulation;

       4. Make sure that the nuts of the fixed parts are not loose;

       5. The stator wire is far away from the rotating shaft, and the rotor wire is far away from the fixed part, so as to avoid scratches during rotation.

Maintenance method of through hole slip ring

The through-hole slip ring will be damaged or misconnected in normal application, which is very easy to cause damage. We need to maintain the correct maintenance slip ring during the application process, so that the slip ring can have a longer service life.

The maintenance tips for through-hole slip rings are as follows:

There are often many problems in the pad slip ring and carbon brush part of the generator set. The brushes of the through-hole slip ring generally must be tested for the defect of the dielectric strength. If the grounding resistance and the AC shock resistance are reduced, it indicates that the dielectric strength is already at risk. The key reason is that the dielectric strength of the through-hole slip ring is reduced due to the pollution of the surface of the insulating layer material by the fume and dust environment caused by oil leakage from the oiler and carbon brush friction during long-term operation. Destructive and impossible to remove. For the maintenance of the brush components of the through-hole slip ring, the motor carbon brushes generally used in the power industry use the excellent tracking constant current source brush holder, which can make the maintenance free from the stage of adjusting the working pressure. But pay attention to the abnormal situation of the fatigue that has lost elasticity. Once such a situation occurs, it will immediately lead to looseness caused by insufficient working pressure, which will cause damage to the surface of the slip ring due to ignition conditions. Therefore, the fatigue condition of the bullet must be paid close attention to in the whole process of maintenance. The temperature under the working attitude of the through-hole slip ring is generally around 50°. Once the temperature is abnormal, the internal parts may cause defects. It is necessary for the staff to pay more attention to it so that it can be solved in various ways immediately. It is also necessary to maintain the internal parts of the through-hole slip ring. When rotating, there is wood stuck, and the insulating layer components are not polluted by the environment. Only by focusing on all the key points and removing all shortcomings during maintenance, can the long-term and stable operation of the generator set be achieved.

Inspection items for through-hole slip ring installation

1. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the parameters, specifications and types on the nameplate of the through-hole slip ring are consistent with the actual operation requirements, whether they can meet the installation requirements of the installation environment, whether the accessories are complete, and whether the product shell and wires are damaged. . If the casing is found to be damaged or other abnormal phenomena before installation, please contact the manufacturer or consult the store in time.

2. When wiring, it must be connected correctly according to the instructions in the manual, and do not connect blindly, so as to avoid damage to the through-hole slip ring after it is put into operation.

3. During installation, it should be noted that the installation position of the through-hole slip ring shall not be squeezed by the outside, and shall not bear the load, and its wires cannot bear the external tension.

4. The through-hole slip ring should be installed in a dry, normal temperature and ventilated environment. If the installation environment is too harsh, an appropriate type should be selected or corresponding protective measures should be added to ensure the reliability of the through-hole slip ring.

5. When installing the via slip ring, it is necessary to pay attention to protect the wire. The damage of the insulation layer of the wire is one of the common failure causes of the via slip ring. Therefore, check whether the wire has abnormal problems after wiring, so as to avoid the insulation layer. damage and affect normal operation.

6. The installer needs to understand the installation method of the product, standardize the installation, and do not install it savagely. During the installation process, strong pulling and pulling will cause the through-hole slip ring body and the wire to be damaged by external force.

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