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Application and characteristics of collector ring and conduc

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-02-17 08:41

Sludge scrapers are mainly used in large-diameter circular sedimentation tanks in urban sewage treatment plants, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment to remove sludge deposited at the bottom of the tank and skim off scum on the surface of the tank. The mud scraper is usually divided into rotary mud scraper and walking mud scraper. When the mud scraper is running, the driving device supplies power to drive the transmission sprocket to rotate, thereby driving the chain and the mud scraper to perform continuous rotation at a certain speed, continuously scraping the sedimented sludge at the bottom of the pool. Enter the mud collecting tank to form a closed-loop working process.

The scraper is usually composed of driving device, working bridge, main scraper, auxiliary scraper, center turntable, slag skimmer, overflow weir and slag baffle. , collectors, etc. Often, the current collectors are mounted on the central support to supply power to the drive. In the past, the collectors mostly used carbon brush collector rings, which have been replaced by the slip rings of the scraper.

The slip ring of the mud scraper is a very important part of the mud scraper, and the working scene of the mud scraper is very bad, and the daily slip ring is easily damaged. The conductive slip ring produced by Moflon is small in size, high in reliability, maintenance-free for life, customizable, and has a protection rating of IP68, which is selected by many scraper manufacturers.


Scraper Ring Features:

1. The layout is compact and the installation is convenient.

2. The product has high reliability and high shock-proof structure, which is suitable for the long-term work of the mud scraper.

3. The protection grade is IP68, which can adapt to the working scene of dusty and exposed slip rings.

4. Adopt advanced precious metal cluster brush type multi-point contact to ensure reliable contact under extremely low friction.

5. Special design for resistance to bump temperature, the work remains unchanged.

6. Absolute encoders and potentiometers of certain sizes can be installed according to customer requirements.

7. The product has a long service life and is maintenance-free for life