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Scroll compressors are fitted with through-hole slip rings

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2022-01-10 08:41

The scroll compressor is a positive displacement compressor, and the compression components are composed of a movable scroll and a fixed scroll. A number of structural features are included that allow the shunt flow of gas through the compressor housing to reduce entrained oil.

In the field of mechanical manufacturing technology, especially a process equipment for the processing of scroll compressor parts. Scroll compressors are widely used in refrigeration and air-coordinated heat pumps because of their high efficiency, small size, light weight, and smooth operation. Generally speaking, scroll compressors are mainly composed of fixed scroll and movable scroll, slip ring, drive shaft, frame and motor. The movable scroll is driven by a crank mechanism with a small eccentric distance to make a plane circular movement around the fixed scroll, and the relative position between them is guaranteed by a slip ring installed between the movable scroll and the frame. There are existing methods for processing the slip ring, which is generally a method of single-piece clamping and processing. The clamping and disassembly of the slip ring are manually operated, and the production efficiency is low.


A scroll compressor slip ring is developed, which can solve the problem of low production efficiency of scroll compressor slip rings. The scroll compressor slip ring includes a plate-shaped mounting seat and a support frame connected to the mounting seat; a plurality of workpiece positioning grooves and positioning through holes are provided on the top surface of the mounting seat, and these positioning grooves and positioning through holes are located in the mounting seat. The two sides of the center line of the top surface are correspondingly delineated and arranged; a pressure plate is arranged above the positioning through hole, and the pressure plate is adjacent to the cylinder top rod installed on the bottom surface of the mounting seat through the fixing piece passing through the positioning through hole. More specifically, the fixed parts can also be fixed screws, because the MT series through-hole slip rings are used, and the clamping and disassembly are done by pneumatic clamping and disassembly. The clamp can simultaneously clamp and process 12 slip rings at one time, reducing the number of clamping times. , to ensure the machining accuracy and improve the over-production efficiency.