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Installation Instructions for Through Hole Conductive Slip R

Article source:未知 Popularity:Published:2021-12-31 08:41

1. Insert the slip ring rotor into the rotating shaft, find the approximate fixed position through the 4 fixing screws (unlocked), turn the slip ring, adjust the slip ring to the rotating shaft, and then tighten the screws. Tighten (lock). If the conductive slip ring rotates at a high speed, it is necessary to prevent the set screw from loosening. Otherwise, the rotor will be damaged due to high speed or other reasons. Pay attention to the clearance between the through hole and the installation shaft and whether the fixing screw is loose. If it is loose or the surface of the installation shaft is smooth, point a hole or mill keyway on the installation shaft to facilitate fixing. The slip ring on the set screw must not be fixed on the mounting shaft and any equipment other than the moving rod should contact or interfere.



2. When installing the wire socket horizontally, pay attention to the relative direction of the wire plate and the fork. In principle, the wire plate should be installed horizontally, not vertically. Vertical installation requires the orientation of the wireless board.

3. The stator is a non-stationary rotating part, and the two blocks use stop rods in the sleeve to prevent the stator from rotating with the shaft, and the outer casing has no installation function. Since it is difficult to ensure concentricity when the slip ring rotor and stator are fixed and installed at the same time, a clearance fit between the stop rod and stop is recommended. The slip ring may be damaged or may not meet the expected test life. If the slip ring rotor and stator are both flange-mounted structures, it is recommended to check that the rotating part of the equipment and the slip ring are fixed at the same time, and the flange screws of the non-rotating part are not fixed. Otherwise, the slip ring bearing will slip due to excessive concentricity tolerances, resulting in ring damage.

4. After the slip ring is installed, it must be manually tested or rotated to check whether the slip ring is stuck or rotated irregularly. At this time, the gap between the stopper and the stopper should be adjusted.