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Various types of conductive slip ring solutions
  • Through hole slip ring
  • mercury slip ring
    • Slip ring application in milita
      Slip ring application in milita

      The slip ring can be used in satellite tracking, communication in certain situations, etc. Provide products in combinatio…

    • Slip ring application in life e
      Slip ring application in life e

    • Slip ring application in the av
      Slip ring application in the av

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    Communicate and collect informa
    Before designing the product, our salesman will communicate with the customer about the demand information of conductive slip ring products, product si…
    Customize the slip ring to dete
    According to customer requirements, our company will initially formulate a design scheme for precision conductive slip rings, conduct detailed analysis…
    Confirm the signing of the coop
    After the salesman and the customer determine the conductive slip ring production plan, the salesperson needs to sign a customized contract with the cu…
    Express logistics to complete t
    In the production process of slip rings, there will be special personnel to supervise the production to ensure that customers are given a satisfactory …
    After-sales tracking service
    After the order is completed, the customer can contact our company if there is any problem in the process of using the slip ring. If there is a quality…
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